Reduction of wastage

By keeping a constant and high humidity, which also provides cooling, unnecessary wastage, due to deformation of the materials, can be avoided.

Less stop in production

Humidifying the air and keeping a constant humidity of 50-55%, avoids the material from becoming static, damaged and fragile, meaning less stops in the production.

Reduction of bad smell

Bad smells creates an unhealthy working climate. By humidifying the air, the bad smells are reduced/eliminated, this is because humidity in the air works as a degasser.

Improved indoor climate

A good and healthy climate will result in a noticeable reduction of sickness absence, dried out mucous membranes, allergies and respiratory infections.

About Us

Dan Fugt has from the beginning been one of the leaders in development, marketing and sales of humidification systems. Water treatment systems was quickly added as a natural part of the total solutions offered to the end users.

Dan Fugt has a clear vision and strategy for the future, which is to maintain and build on this leading position in the market, both when it comes to product development and market expansion. Dan Fugt develops and manufactures all systems and products at the head office in Odense on the island Funen. It is important to stress that the company itself develops and produce complete systems and solutions – often made according to the individual needs of the end-user.

Effects of humidification

  • Reduction of wastage in production
  • Less stop in the production
  • Improved storage capacity
  • Reduction of static electricity
  • Reduction of dust
  • Reduction of bad smell
  • Improved quality in painting and lacquering process
  • Improved indoor climate