Office humidifier

Specifically designed to blend in with the office environment. Has a build-in fan, which distributes the humidification into the room and supports full absorption of the water in the air. The unit comes in several different colors, is fitted with 1 nozzle and has a max. capacity of 2 litres of water pr. hour.

DF-200 – Domestic / Office

  • Automatic shut-off, when water level is too low.
  • Advanced noise reduction technology for super quiet operation.
  • Adjustable humidity volume.
  • Water tank volume: 3 l (17 hours)
  • Humidity capacity, max. 30 m2
  • Width: 22cm, Depth: 22 cm, Height: 27 cm

Euro: 65,- ex works


DF-300 – Domestic / Office

  • Large LCD display with soft blue back light.
  • Display shows the room’s current humidity level.
  • Noise reduction technology for super quiet operation.
  • Build-in ionizer generator.
  • Antibiotic technology protects against fungus and bacteria.
  • Automatic shut-off timer – 1-19 hours.
  • Auto shut-off when almost empty.
  • Build-in sensor allow you to control the humidity level.
  • Water tank volume: 6,5 l (22 hours)
  • Humidifies up to 65 m2
  • Width 27 cm, Depth: 16 cm, Height: 30 cm

Euro: 119,- ex works