About Dan Fugt

Dan Fugt was founded in 1989.

Dan Fugt has from the beginning been one of the leaders in development, marketing and sales of humidification systems. Water treatment systems was quickly added as a natural part of the total solutions offered to the end users.

Dan Fugt has a clear vision and strategy for the future, which is to maintain and build on this leading position in the market, both when it comes to product development and market expansion.

Dan Fugt develops and manufactures all systems and products at the head office in Odense on the island Funen. It is important to stress that the company itself develops and produce complete systems and solutions – often made according to the individual needs of the end-user.

Dan Fugt has sold and installed humidification solutions in 40 different countries – within more than 30 different industries.

About Humidification

The air has an extremely important ability which is often overlooked by many industries and working processes: the humidity content in the air.

Not only in the heating season, but also in summer when the air often is hot and dry, there will be problems caused by a too low humidity level in production- and storage rooms.

In nature, the humidity level is automatically adjusted up and down as part of the ecological system. This is not the case when he temperature is increased through heating or from machines. In such situations, the relative humidity level will decrease. Also the sun can have an important influence on the indoor climate, for example when shining on large window areas. Often, the result will be a humidity level below 20%.

Porous materials – wood, paper, textile etc. – easily break or change dimensions, and often there will be serious problems with static electricity. In processes where the ingredients include water soluble ink and paint, a too low humidity can cause an inferior quality as well as excessive waste.

Low humidity increases the amount of dust in the air; the risk of staff getting sick is higher and often results in sick absence.

To solve these problems, and many others, Dan Fugt offer solutions that are made according to individual needs and wishes from customers and partners.