General information about humidifying using vacuum nozzles

The Dan Fugt Denmark nozzles using compressed air humidify tap water or water cleaned through a reverse osmosis process, into a very fine atomization without the risk of condensation or water falling to the floor. Air- and water volumes are adjusted independently.


Vacuum nozzle VDF-2

An ideal nozzle for rooms and halls in all sizes. In cases where the room is very small, the modulating control panel is recommended in order to avoid any problems with condensation and water falling to the floor. This type of nozzle has a built-in cleaning function which automatically cleans the nozzle with regular intervals, and therefore has a very limited need for maintenance.

Vacuum nozzle VVDF-2

As the VDF-2 but with a built-on mini vacuum valve, which allows for the nozzle to be installed at several different heights on the same control.


Compact unit VDF UM2

Used for rooms with up to 1.500 m3 with no air exchange, e.g. small storage- or production rooms.

Compressed air and water are connected in the bottom of the unit, electricity at the terminal board inside the unit.

The VDF-UM2 is pre installed with 2 Dan Fugt nozzles type VDF 2. The humidity is automatically controlled by the electrical sensor. The unit is equipped with a digital display, showing the current humidity, and where the humidity level can be controlled.

Vacuum valve DF-VV

The specially constructed valve is used in a humidification system with vacuum nozzles type VDF-2. The valve regulates the volume of water and functions as a safety valve in situations with problems with air- and water supply.


General information about control panels

Dan Fugt Denmark control panels ensure a fully automatic control of the Dan Fugt Denmark humidification systems. Based on each user’s specific needs and requirements, the control panel is programmed and set. The system is user friendly and has automatic fault finding in case any functional problems should arise. The Dan Fugt Denmark control panel is connected to a hygrostat (pneumatically, electrical or mechanical) which continuously measures the humidity level and controls the system accordingly.



On/Off control VDR-H (max 3 zones)
This control panel has an electrical hygrostat and a digital display, showing the current relative humidity.

On/Off control VDR
This control panel has no hygrostat and is WITHOUT digital display, showing the current relative humidity. Mechanical hygrostat is an option.


Modulating or On/Off control VDR-H-CMX (max 4 zones)
The control panel has a built-in micro processor where many functions parameters can be adjusted and set. The control panel is ideal for areas with 1 or more zones and can control the following functions: measuring and adjustment of humidity and temperature levels, timing, setting of date and hour for humidification in cases where the system is switched off for a longer period. Fault finding is possible and data can be transferred to an integrated computer system.



Modulating or On/Off control VDR-H-TOUCH (unlimited number of zones)
Easy to program through a touch-screen which shows all parameters related to the function of the system. Is suitable for any number of zones. Ideal as a combined control panel for high pressure humidification and reverse osmosis water treatment. Very simple to operate. Depending on the requirements from the user, this panel can meet basically all specific requirements and expectations.


Pneumatically modulating control PDR-V/S (max. 1 zone)
For room and channel humidification. The control panel operates pneumatically without any electrical connections. This type of panel is ideal when installed in rooms or channels where there is a risk of explosion e.g. painting areas and cabins.